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"New Dongguan 4" set sail for the sea

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On the evening of September 23, 2011 at 19:30, colorful balls and streamers danced above the shipyard, with firecrackers and fireworks shooting in all directions. In a joyful and auspicious atmosphere, the 70000 ton large bulk cargo ship "New Dongguan 4" built by Zhejiang Zhenghe Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. successfully launched for sea trials and had close contact with the Yangtze River water.

It is reported that the "New Dongguan 4 Wheel" has a total length of 221.7 meters, a molded width of 32.26 meters, a speed of 13 knots, and a total payload of 70000 tons, which basically complies with the latest international maritime pollution prevention and control regulations. Zhenghe Shipbuilding Company stated that the slipway cycle of the ship is only 45 days, which is another major speed increase after Zhenghe Shipbuilding implements the management of launching status. The slipway cycle of the ship is close to the advanced level of Japan and South Korea.

At this point, our company has six 70000 ton bulk carriers, marking another important step in the process of optimizing the structure of our fleet. Our company has steadily promoted the development strategy of "optimizing the fleet structure, vigorously developing transportation capacity, and establishing a strong modern fleet brand". The launch trial of the "New Dongguan 4" has taken a solid step towards achieving the development goal of "the total transportation capacity of the company's fleet reaching 700000 tons in 2012".

At the same time, in response to the fierce competition in the shipbuilding market, our long-term good partner, Zhenghe Shipbuilding Company, has established the concept of fast shipbuilding, building good ships, and providing high-quality products for shipowners. In the segmented manufacturing stage, Zhenghe Shipbuilding strictly followed the modern shipbuilding model requirements of using segments as intermediate products. In the pre assembly stage, the number of intermediate groups in the segments and the completeness of inspection were increased, and the ship's launching integrity was achieved with no surplus on the slipway, laying a good foundation for achieving a 45 day slipway cycle.

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