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Haichang Shipping added a "Xin dongguan 12" bulk

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Since 2017, with the gradual recovery of the shipping market, various capitals have entered the shipping market. Combined with the actual market and customer demand, also to improve the competitiveness of the company fleet, in February 2018, our company accurately positioned and made a swift decision to buy an 80,000-ton shallow draft bulk carrier. The ship has a total length of 229.93 meters, a width of 38 meters, a full load of 85,000 tons of cargo and a draft of 13.81 meters, which is the largest tonnage class bulk carrier owned and managed by our company. With the coordination and cooperation of all members of the company, the ship was successfully handed over and imported through customs transfer at Shanhaiguan Shipyard in Qinhuangdao on March 8, 2018, and renamed as "Xin Dongguan 12" . With shallow draft and large cargo capacity, this ship is suitable for Pearl River Channel and Haichang Port. Meanwhile, this vessel is in excellent shape to sail on global routes, providing strong support for the coal trade of the Group to expand coal imports from Australia. With the addition of this ship, the shipping capacity of our fleet reaches 956,000 tons, ranking 13th among the domestic fleet enterprises, 2nd among the shipping enterprises of Guangdong Province and 1st among the private aviation enterprises.




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