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Director Qi Zhiqiang of Municipal Transportation Bureau led a team to visit core transportation enterprises

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Qi Zhiqiang director of the Municipal Transportation Bureau visited core transportation enterprises in the city,

expressed aprreciation, listened to appeals,

demonstrated policies, and help solving problems



  In Dongguan Haichang Group, Qi Zhiqiang and his delegation had an in-depth discussion  with the leaders of the enterprises to understand in detail the conditions, difficulties, appeals,suggestions and development of the enterprises.


  After listening to the introduction, Qi acknowledged Haichang Group’s contribution as the city's key transportation enterprises for the city's logistics to ensure the smooth transportation and economic development, and sent a thank-you letter to the enterprise for the hard work and dedication. In response to the appeals of the enterprise, such as channel upgrading, channel dredging, wharf upgrading and ship deloading, Qi answered them one by one and asked relevant units of the Bureau to strengthen communication and coordination with the enterprise. Meanwhile, Qi gave a clear introduction and  interpretation of the latest national, provincial and municipal funding policies on port and  to help shipping enterprises and encouraged Haichang to stay confident, seize opportunities and make full use of relevant policies. Qi emphasized that The Municipal Transport Bureau will work hand in hand with the industry enterprises to provide policy assistance and work support, Strive to conduct the most favorable policies, provide the best service, create the best environment, help enterprises to grow bigger, stronger and better in every dimension.

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